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Dr. Udim Isang
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Pronouns she/they


Forget the therapist's couch, picture a hammock strung between ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science. That's where you'll find Dr. Udim Isang, Doctor of Physical Therapy, indigenous medicine practitioner, and certified Integrative Mental Health Professional. Don't worry, the hammock is metaphorical (unless you're really into that, no judgment).

Dr. Isang isn't your average clinician. Think Indiana Jones, minus the fedora and bullwhip, plus a deep understanding of the mind-body connection and a genuine passion for helping people heal. Their toolkit is as diverse as a global food market, drawing from ancient Ibibio/Annang practices, Chinese medicine, Tibetan Buddhist tantra, and yes, even good ol' Western physical therapy.

So, what can you expect if you swing by Dr. Isang's virtual hammock (or actual office, we don't judge)? Imagine a safe space for exploring the emotional battlegrounds of religious trauma, childhood wounds, and the physical manifestations of mental and spiritual struggles. Think less "woe is me" and more "let's unravel this mess with ancient wisdom and some pretty cool techniques."

Dr. Isang is a student of modalities like Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) and brainspotting, which may sound way more interesting than they actually are. Think of it as Indiana Jones using gentle touch, pressure points, and eye movements to help you navigate your own emotional jungle.

Ultimately, Dr. Isang is all about bringing ancient wisdom to modern wellness. They're a walking, talking bridge between traditions, a testament to the fact that healing can be as diverse and fascinating as the human experience itself. So, if you're looking for a different kind of therapist who's equal parts grounded, professional, and, well, kind of funny, Dr. Isang might just be your hammock-swinging hero. Dr. Isang works with children (age 5+), adolescents, and adult individuals and couples.

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