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Our Fees/Services

We provide individual, relationship, and family therapy for adults and adolescents.

Dr. Udim Isang provides an assortment of healing services including physical therapy, somatic coaching, integrative manual therapy, and brain spotting (please contact us for Dr. Isang's fees).

Dr. Gebhard is also available to provide consultation on gender-affirming care and/or building community resilience within an organization/group.

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Dr. Gebhard is in network with CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield and Johns Hopkins EHP insurance, and accepts those insurances for individual and relationship therapy.

Emily and Slade are currently out of network for all insurance, and Dr. Gebhard is out of network for insurance aside from BCBS and Johns Hopkins EHP. We can send you a monthly Superbill that you can submit to insurance for reimbursement for out of network services.


Individual therapy:

Emily/Kris - $200 - $225

Slade - $150 - $175

Relationship therapy:

Emily/Kris - $225

Slade - $150

Sliding scale sessions may be available for $25-$155.


Dr. Gebhard is experienced and available to provide consultation, didactic presentations, workshops, or ongoing support related to the following topics:

  • Gender-affirming care

    • Best practices for providing therapeutic support to trans, nonbinary, gender expansive individuals and couples

    • Strategies for ensuring that your practice, organization, or counseling center is gender-affirming for clients and staff

    • Individual consultation for complex cases

  • Building and maintaining community resilience within an organization or group resisting state-sanctioned violence

    • Dr. Gebhard and colleagues published a literature review of relevant research and theory on resilience, and a toolkit on strategies for maintaining resilience while resisting state-sanctioned violence at the individual and group level.

    • Dr. Gebhard is available to support your organization and group in navigating the impact of cultural trauma, and identifying and implementing strategies to support the psychological health, well-being, and resilience of your group. Resilience supports thriving as we organize for liberation.


Please contact us for consulting rates.

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Healing w/Dr. Udim Isang

Dr. Udim Isang is a Doctor of Physical therapy, Certified Stroke Rehabiliation Specialist,  Brainspotter, and Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional.

Dr. Udim is out-of-network for all insurance, and can provide monthly superbills that you can submit to insurance for reimbursement for out of network services.

An in-person intake evaluation ($300) is necessary to design a treatment plan for each client, which may include the following services:

Follow-up in-person visits - $200

Brainspotting Wholeness Coaching - $150
Brainspotting Wholeness Coaching (for Couples/Polycules) - $350

Dr. Udim also offers a subscription service, which is designed to uphold fairness in cost distribution.

Subscription Details:
- Monthly Cost: $400 (not including initial evaluation)
- Option 1: Two 45-minute in-person visits and one virtual 45-minute visit
- Option 2: One in-person visit and three virtual 45-minute Brainspotting Wholeness Coaching sessions
- Option 3: Weekly virtual Brainspotting Wholeness Coaching sessions

Subscription Benefits:
- Early access to events, workshops, and retreats
- Monthly billing, with services never expiring as long as you remain subscribed
- Gift the subscription to someone you care about!

Subscription caveats:
- Cancellation with a 30-day notice required
- Initial evaluation required before enrollment in subscription

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